What We Offer

Maximize Value

We help owners/senior leaders of independent companies navigate the critical decisions and key steps required to insure a successful acquisition or realize a maximum value exit.

M & A Expertise

We help clients interested in growth by acquisition or merger to add expertise, capabilities or scale to enhance your company and deepen your relationships with your and future clients. Through our M&A guidance, we can help to identify firms that fit perfectly to meet your growth goals. From strategic fit determination, to term sheet negotiations and due diligence to post transaction assimilation and integration we will help insure that every step of the process is built to insure long term success and greater value creation.

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Exit Planning

We’ll help you determine your company’s readiness for an exit and develop the right plan and the right timing to maximize the value of your company. An exit can take various forms, internal sale/partial or outright sale to an outside firm. We will provide you with the tools and expertise to successfully maximize one of the most important transactions of your lifetime. Athru Partners provides comprehensive services from to strategically position your company to attract high value purchasers. We’ll manage the valuation, due diligence, negotiations and transaction close.

Accelerate Growth

We help companies create greater returns at every stage of their business life cycle focusing on three key strategies critical to sustaining growth.

Branding & Market Positioning Strategy

We’ll help evaluate the strength of your positioning, identifying points of parity and real differentiation, core competencies and culture, understanding of competitive set, thought leadership and innovation strategies and more.

Business Development & Growth Strategy

We’ll help you accelerate business development efforts through design and implementation of a customized new business process reflecting improved outreach strategies, refined target prospect efforts, better cross selling strategies, pitch/presentation material assessment and recommendations and business development/growth goal setting.

Client Composition Strategy

We evaluate the real value of your client roster by looking at factors like concentration/mix of accounts, industries served, account retention information, performance reviews, length of relationships, optimal contract terms and conditions, marquee value of clients and industries served.

Optimize Performance

We bring analytics based, best practices and practical solutions to the three critical areas that are most important to a company’s scalability.

Organization Alignment & Infrastructure

We identify the changes needed to fix gaps or issues that exist within your organizational structure that are dragging on productivity or inhibiting performance. We will also help with building process/tools/systems that are repeatable and measurable optimizing efficiency and reducing expense.

Financial Management

We bring structure and expertise to help you realize your financial potential. We assess and design financial planning processes, reporting and modeling to achieve increased productivity and growth in profitability. Our review includes pricing and resource utilization modeling, pipeline and forecasting processes and management reporting and dashboards.

Talent Development & Evaluation

We help evaluate the strengths of your key talent and identify action plans for improving performance through our marketing agency advisory services . We provide compensation, incentive and retention plan recommendations, improvements to your performance review process, key employee mentorship and leadership coaching and more.

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